Lakeview Generating Station

  • Year Built: 1961
  • Year Closed: 2005
  • Year Demo: 2007

Lakeview GS was a coal-fired electrical generation power plant.

Located just outside Toronto, Canada in the city of Mississauga, it was the first fossil-fuel station shut down as the result of an environmental mandate by the governing political party.

The station had 8 generating units although only four were active over the past two decades. Lakeview GS was designed to provide supplemental power during times of peak usage (morning and evening).

The station was shut down in 2005 and work began on dismantling and demolition. In June 2006, the four exhaust stacks were imploded which removed a familiar landmark for local residents and a beacon for boats on Lake Ontario.

The remaining demolition work finished in 2008.

Today, nothing remains of Lakeview Generating Station. It's gone.