These Boots Were Made for Hiking

By the time anyone reads this we'll be on our way to Arizona for a few weeks of desert travel, road trips and lots of photography. So, if I haven't responded to your comments or emails — don't expect anything for a few weeks. I'm on vacation as of now. :) Unfortunately that also means there probably won't be an update to the site for some time either.

I picked up these hiking shoes this weekend in preparation for our trip and for some reason there's a 'Warning/Danger' symbol on the toe, which I find rather amusing. Why is it there? If I'm about to kick somebody in the head does it serve as their early warning system? “Hmm, here comes that danger sign… I should probably duck now…”

Anyways, I had planned to leave an image indicating our departure — you know, luggage, plane tickets, last-minute-tension… But, I already packed the camera so you'll just have to settle for this picture of my shoes from a few days ago. And that's all I've got to say for awhile.

Goodbye Toronto, hello Arizona!