Opera House Construction

While walking over to 'Cloud Garden' after work, I noticed that the back of the Opera House at University and Richmond was being illuminated by a reflection of the sunset off another office tower (now there's a wordy sentence...).

Other news: Alright, I *tried* to get a small tutorial describing the process of making this photo together for today. In fact, I've got most of the screen captures ready but I just don't have the time to do it. Sorry! I will remember to do it once I get back from vacation though. That is, once I sort through the 2000 photos or so I'll be taking...

Update: Miklos guilted me into getting the 'remember me' aspect of the comments implemented (as did RainKing previously), and prodded me enough that I did it this morning. Hopefully I didn't break anything else in the process... So, you shouldn't have to keep typing your name/email/url etc. But please let me know if something isn't working now. Thanks for being patient. :)