Crangle's Collision

  • Year Built: 1940
  • Year Closed: 2006
  • Year Demo: 2006

A former jewel, overtaken by mechanics, razed and rebuilt as a pale imitation.

That's probably a fitting description for the history of Crangle's Collision. Not your typical automotive repair building, Crangle's inherited the art deco stylings of the building's former owner, International Harvester.

Built in 1940 for the agricultural machinery company, this was their Toronto showroom until some time in the mid 1970s.

Above the ground floor showroom was a second floor with a standard office layout. When Crangle's Collision moved in, the second floor offices were relegated to storage space and rarely used. The showroom became a maintenance bay for large trucks.

In 2006, the building was demolished entirely to make way for a new combination condo/hotel. Surprisingly, a replica of the building was built in the same location. Now known as ‘The Counter’, this is a restaurant connected to the adjoining Thompson Hotel. It mimics the size and shape of the original building but uses different — and obviously cheap — exterior finishes.

While I commend the idea to retain the original landmark, it's unfortunate that it was done by replacing the original with a cheap replica.

Trivia: Shortly before the building was demolished, a short film titled “Crangle's Collision” was shot in the building.