Bethlehem Steel North Office

  • Year Built: 1901
  • Year Closed: 1983

Built in 1901, this gorgeous 3-storey office building is… collapsing in on itself.

The crisp exterior stone facade masks the considerable decay present within the building. Water damage has caused some floors to have no more strength than cardboard.

Structural issues aside, the building is a dream for those who enjoy abandonments and decay. Office spaces, a chemist's lab and numerous artifacts easily made this a rewarding location.

Originally built for the Lackawanna Iron and Steel company, it was later acquired by Bethlehem Steel when they bought the site in 1922.

Presumably the building was abandoned when the steelmaking operations were halted in 1983.

A gallery of photos from the remains of the adjacent Bethelehem Steel site are available here: Bethlehem Steel Gallery