Two children play on the sidewalk outside a butcher shop, where a pig carcass hangs on the wall.

Just Hanging Around... The Pig

Where to start with this one... Ok, yes, if you look past the kids it's a bit graphic (assuming you're not used to seeing this harsh reality of a butcher shop).

Context: I was in Alausí, Ecuador to ride the train “Down the Devil's Nose” and we had 30 minutes before the train departed. This would be my only chance to see the giant San Pedro statue which overlooked the entire town. But, it was on the other side of the town.

So I decided to run over as quickly as I could, climb the hill, shoot some photos, and run back. On the way back I turned the corner and saw this scene. Two kids joyfully playing on the sidewalk, blissfully unaware of the hanging carcass right beside them. (More likely they were aware, but it was irrelevant because it's just a normal everyday occurrence when you live in a rural environment.)

I found the scene interesting, because it contrasts so much compared to what we tend to see in North American cities. (We're perhaps a bit too shielded from the reality of how our food, electricity, everything... is provided.)

Also, someone's using the pig as a knife block.

In any event, I snapped this shot quickly, and ran back to the station to hop on the train.

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