Rural town streetscape early in the morning, with people on sidewalk beside cobblestone streets. Hazy tree-covered hillside in the distance.

Good Morning Guamote, Ecuador

The best thing about getting up early to photograph a place is the lack of activity and the soft light. In Guamote, Ecuador, I woke up to walk around the town every morning around 6 am. Few other people were up and outside at that time so the town felt almost empty.

Most of the buildings seem partially finished. That was my first thought, but the fact that I saw this everywhere in Ecuador — rebar sticking up from the buildings in an unfinished way — makes me realize this is intentional.

I've heard multiple reasons why this is the case but mostly they boil down to 2 options:

  1. It makes it easier to add an addition later
  2. It reduces taxes because the house is considered 'unfinished'

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