A single island covered with trees is surrounded by fog and mist on the lake water. The sky is also smooth with fog. The reflection of the island and trees is in the water in front of the island.

Foggy Island Alone in Lake of Bays

I've always said that it's worth getting up early.

There are the obvious reasons such as getting a head start on things when the distractions are minimal. Getting to work is easier when there are fewer people attempting to do it at the same time. And it's just plain nice to feel a sense of accomplishment while everyone else is still waking up.

But the real reason is you get to see things you normally wouldn't. Let's face it, the 'day' stays pretty much the same all day long. But there are really only two periods of transition where things feel different. Dawn-to-day, and day-to-dusk.

At my in-law's cottage, dawn can be an amazing time. It's eerily quiet and calm, and you feel like you have the world to yourself. On this particular morning, this island within Lake of Bays was enveloped by fog and mist all around the bay. The other side of the lake was mostly obscured as well as the shores surrounding it to the left and right. This one island stood out alone, framed by the mist, in complete silence and virtual stillness. Unfortunately it's short-lived. It only lasts for — maybe — half an hour.

These are the moments I remember from this place (and they're the moments I miss).

This isn't something you'll see at 9 am in the morning. You need to be up much earlier to experience it. So wake up and get out of bed!