Renewed Curiosity

Four years and 2 kids later, I'm ready to attempt this again.

I stopped updating the website and photoblog in May 2006. I'd intended to keep up with the abandoned buildings galleries but that's been on an indefinite hiatus. And that's a generous understatement.

Many things have changed in subsequent years. Photoblogs are past their prime and — in Internet time — are no longer novel things. Extremely high-resolution digital cameras are quite affordable and within the reach of most people. Even the cameras built into most smartphones are highly capable.

So, why restart this venture? Simply, I miss it. I miss the artificial motivation of the photoblog. It was a cheap, albeit effective, means of causing me to continue shooting.

For anyone still reading who was around when this site was in its ‘heyday’ it'll be a bit different going forward from this point. Posting will most definitely be less frequent. Subject matter is… undefined.

How has the site changed?

The site's had a major overhaul both in terms of design and functionality:

  • You can view the original image (as shot) for most photos (click the ‘Show the original’ link below a photo)
  • Groups of similar photos can be browsed using the keyword tags which have been assigned to every photo
  • The archives page lists all galleries, photos by month, recent comments and keywords for the entire site
  • Licensing and print options are available for each photo (Click the ‘License this image’ and ‘Buy a print’ links)

I'd be surprised if there weren't a few bugs still lurking about. The overhaul required migrating over 2,000 pages and photos, and over 10,000 reader comments. If you spot anything odd, feel free to let me know. Thanks!

As for today's photo, this is my now 4 year old son exploring the unknown forest near his grandparents' cottage. Just prior to discontinuing this website, he looked like this. How fast things change…

And with that, welcome back!