Factory corridor blocked by sheet of plywood, with light sunbeam in front creating an 'X' pattern

Sunbeam and Plywood

Alright, back to the other stuff.

The weekend before Connor was born I took a quick trip out to the Don Valley Brickworks. I hadn't been there in almost a year and wanted to duplicate some of my old Canon G2 shots on the Rebel XT digital SLR. Unfortunately, the light just wouldn't give it to me.

I did find this one though where a small shaft of light was intersecting a leaning piece of plywood forming the perfect 'X marks the spot' situation. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything interesting to be found there...

Update: I forgot to mention that I recently put another gallery online. It's a gallery of photos from Crangle's Collision (an auto repair shop) which is currently being demolished. Many of the photos have already been posted here so you won't see much that is new if you've been following the daily posts. The gallery is here: Crangle's Collision gallery