Oil Booster Valve

This is one of those shots where I really missed having the flip-out LCD screen of my Canon G2. To take this I'm basically crouching on the ground looking up, trying to get my eye close to the viewfinder in order to frame the shot. What a pain.

In other news… So. I've added the ability for people to purchase prints (or license photos). This isn't a crass sellout, and I do have concerns about such a thing. But... I've had lots of people ask whether I do have prints available and it's gotten to the point where I figure I should just add it. Below each image you'll see links for prints and licensing. Follow those to see the details.

I was going to do this towards the middle of December but I didn't really want to be seen as being opportunistic (hey look, it's Christmas! Buy some of my stuff!). So, this will probably be the only real announcement about that. It was a tough decision to put it there but ultimately it's acknowledging a question I receive fairly often.

Who knows, maybe I'll even start making books and calendars for sale... the 'book' idea has been kicked around for awhile now so who knows. Given services like Lulu.com it just might happen.

And that's the end of crass consumerism for today… sorry for the indulgence.

Update July 30 2006: I've added a gallery of photos from this location. The gallery is available here: Lakeview Generating Station gallery.