Anonymous Sample

This jar was found in one of the work areas at Buffalo Color. There were a number of these vials all labelled 'composite'.

In other news... So I've been highly delinquent in responding to comments — with good reason. I've been working around the clock to get the next version of this site ready to go online and later tonight it'll happen.

Don't be surprised if you see a message saying the site is down for an upgrade. I just hope I can get it all switched over to the new design in less than an hour or so. Of course, Murphy's Law says it'll probably take about 6 hours but this time I intend to beat him.

Update - 7:30pm: Well, we're back online. I thought I had all the Internet Explorer/Firefox/Opera design issues worked out but there's still one ugly one which Internet Explorer users will see. The 'add comments' box isn't positioned correctly as well as the width of the comments. I'd apologize, but hey it's not my fault if Microsoft can't follow standards, read the manual or produce software without one thousand security vulnerabilities. Anyways, enough of that rant.

There are probably some bugs in the new version! I just hope you don't see them. But if you do, please send me a note and let me know. Thanks!