For the next week or so, I'll be posting other various photos taken during our tours of Arizona and Utah over the past two weeks. This will give me a way to rest and take a bit of a break

This photo was taken in the manufactured 'ghost-town' of Jerome, Arizona. The old Studebaker automobile was in pristine condition amongst hundreds of other run-down abandoned vehicles. Rannie had commented earlier that the place sounded like a photoblogger's dream — it definitely was. I only had about an hour there but it's easily a place where you could spend an entire week and still constantly find new things to shoot.

My only thoughts on the image are that I really hate how the left side of the Studebaker lettering is blown out by the sun directly hitting it. Unfortunately I only noticed after the fact and I did a little bit of post work to fix it up a bit. Still, it wasn't irritating enough to keep the photo from being posted.