Phoenix Central Library

We headed into Phoenix to see the main library designed by Will Bruder. I can't believe how hot Phoenix is. Just an hour or two north and the temperatures are nice and pleasant but in Phoenix it's in the high 90s.

The top photo is of the reading carousels in the library and I think for the most part the only splash of colour on the interior is those yellow lamps. And the bottom photo is Jenn's brother Chris reading while we took a break to decide what to do next.

Though I don't have any good photos, we visited a really interesting location outside of Scottsdale — the gallery/foundry/residence of architect Paolo Soleri. If interested in different ideas about architecture, check out — an urban city project of his.

Oh, and here's an incidental meaningless statistic: so far we've driven 2380 miles. Ouch.

Update: I'm *trying* to respond to comments/emails over the last two weeks but it's taking some time. If you haven't heard from me, don't feel offended — I'm trying to balance email responses with the hot tub visits. :)