Piano at CN Tower

Well, I failed at what I'm trying to show here but I blame circumstance and technical issues. This is a photo of Tomoko Mukaiyama playing piano in one of the elevators of the CN Tower. At the point this photo was taken, we were probably half way to the top. The entire journey was 58 seconds long (or so they say) and the composition was a high tempo staccato piece oddly suited to a fast elevator ride and composed for the event. It was enjoyable!

This 'event' was sponsored by the Esprit Orchestra (though good luck finding any info about it on their web site).

So, why do I consider this a failure?

  1. You can't tell you're in the elevator
  2. You can't tell you're in the CN Tower (except for the small sign in the upper right)
  3. You can't tell that we're about 500 feet in the air

Now, why do I not blame myself?

  1. There's a friggin' upright piano in a small elevator and I didn't have a fisheye/super wide angle lens!
  2. The glass is behind me and I couldn't have shot the piano and glass simultaneously.

So to make up for this, I've included a dark sunset (below) that I shot through the glass while at the top of the CN Tower. Yes, small consolation indeed, so I'll have to remember to prepare next time I am to be crammed into a small elevator with two other people, a stool, a bench and a piano.

May 12 2004 Update: This photo was submitted for the PhotoFriday 'Play' theme for May 07 2004.