Macromedia Director and Lingo Tools

This page has been archived

The related source files may still be available. Check the links below.

The following tools and source code were written for MacroMedia Director (v6 or v7) between 1998 and 2001.

These are now woefully out of date and I'd think of no use for anyone doing any similar work today. (Because hey, we have websites now!)

That being said, these are here for posterity, to avoid angering spidered links and bookmarks from historical times...

Archived Projects

Crop a sequence of images (i.e., an animation) based on their difference from a reference image. All images maintain the same registration point as the reference image.
FileIO Parent
Sorry, this one's still offline.
Image Resolution
This code will attempt to determine the format, width and height of a bitmap image file.
MP3 ID3 Tools
This code gives access to the ID3 header within MP3 audio files. This was written for the original ID3 v1 standard. It doesn't support ID3 (v2, v3).
Sprite Fader
Sorry, this one's still offline.
ZIP Archive List
This code will read the directory contents of a .ZIP archive including file names, folder paths, file sizes, file dates and times.

Why were they archived?

We haven't done any serious work with Director since 2005. Since our last project, Macromedia has been bought out by Adobe and the larger community resources have ceased to exist.

With that in mind, we've made the decision to retire our Director and Lingo pages. Rather than migrate them forward to newer iterations of our website, they've been archived.

Chances are pretty good that the code and techniques we once documented have now been superceded either by newer versions of Director or related XTRAs.

However, all is not lost. If there's something specific that we used to have online that you'd like to access, feel free to contact us. We'll see about resurrecting it.