A large lever switch is mounted on a white marble panel. There is a yellow label behind the switch that reads 'Bus Junction Operation Circuit'.

Marble Control Panel Lever Switch

Yeah, marble.

The station was designed to last 100 years and that was reflected in the materials selected. I'm used to seeing control rooms that look like this, so finding a marble-clad wall with old station controls mounted on it was a bit of a surprise.

Unfortunately I don't have any passable photos from the control room at the Toronto Power Company station but from what I remember, they were nothing like this.

This wasn't the first control room

The station operating controls were originally out in the main Power House on a mezzanine level above the bus breakers. (In the same open space as the large blue alternators.) At some point a new control room was built and everything was relocated there.

The following archival photo shows these controls back when they were on the mezzanine level.

Archival photo from 1908 showing a bank of operating controls, dials, gauges and switches. Everything is mounted in a long wooden cabinet.
Original ‘control room’ switchboard: This archival photo from 1908 shows the operating controls mounted in this wooden cabinet, sitting on the mezzanine level above the bus breakers in the Power House.