Something Happened Here

Since our visit to the same tailing ponds last year, the landscape has changed considerably in two ways.

  1. Last year, a huge area of land which was an asbestos storage site consisted of nothing but sand and, well, asbestos. This year it's mostly covered with grass and some small shrubs (the asbestos storage has been relocated elsewhere). It looks like it's well on its way to recovery.
  2. There seems to be a concerted effort to reshape the shoreline around one of the larger tailing ponds by constructing small artifical bays. Think of them as symmetrical fjords edging their way around the lake. This photo shows an embankment of one such 'fjord' and all of them sported small markers at their peak. I'll guess this was for surveying purposes so they would be built at a consistent elevation.

Ultimately however, the reason for this photo was very simple: texture.