Interior of old empty industrial warehouse with steel columns. Looking up at skylights and wood roof decking.

Roof and Columns

This is another wonderful relic from the early 1900s. It sits abandoned and cleared out, partially used as extra storage space for the army of condos being built around it. It is located near the Irwin Toy Factory which itself is being converted into a condo.

This shot effectively describes the entirety of this building. If you divide the floor plate into thirds, the center third has a raised ceiling, with the elevation provided by windows. The areas to either side of this have skylights. Without any artificial lighting, this large interior remains bright throughout the day.

(I'd go so far as to say that the advent of cheap electricity had a direct influence in reducing the quality of architectural design.)

As for why I was even here? I was invited to the place by a gentleman who is shooting a documentary about exploring these old urban buildings and it was quite an enjoyable time. (It was a little awkward wearing a mic and attempting to explain my fascination with these places, so mostly I just kept my head down and concentrated on shooting!)