A group of 7 tombstones are set in the rocky mountain hillside, with thick fog and mist behind, obscuring Mount Chimborazo behind in the distance.

A Warning For Mount Chimborazo Climbers, Ecuador

This was what greeted us at the beginning of the climb yesterday at Mount Chimborazo. It was a somber, chilling, reminder that attempting to summit a mountain is a serious and danger endeavour. It's not just a superficial thrilling experience done for fun.

(We weren't attempting to climb the mountain — we were just hiking up the path to the next station. Still...)

I have mixed feelings about the image. On the one hand, the fog and mist rolling in set an atmospheric mood that suits the content and makes (for me) an interesting photo. On the other hand, these are markers representing people who lost their lives at this place (many years ago, and very recently). It's not a tourist "Kodak Moment" spot.

I'll leave it at that.

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