Layers of trees recede into the lush and misty cloud forest jungle. The sky shines through the mist silhouetting branches against the dense jungle.

Misty Trees in the Cloud Forest

This was my first time visiting a 'cloud forest' which is exactly what it sounds like. You're in an area where the forest is continually covered by clouds. This means a few things:

  • The environment is constantly moist
  • Everything feels lush and alive
  • You feel like you're in a surreal, other-wordly atmosphere

Highly, highly recommended.

This was shot in Selvatura Park, Monteverde, Costa Rica during a trip in 2013. We followed some of the trails and came across scenes like this often. It made the experience more of an adventure, as you were never really able to see very far ahead of you. The landscape would reveal itself through the fog as you travelled along.