Wood Overhang

Well, the bazillion comments about yesterday's photo were a bit unexpected — thanks everyone! As for today's image, it's clearly about the colour (for me). Slightly subdued but still full of energy. As a subject though? Perhaps a little boring...

And, while it may look like the background (or foreground) has been masked in some way because of the ridge running along the diagonal line on the roof (against the sky), I can assure you it was not. The only adjustment to this image was to give it a touch more contrast using the Curves adjustment layer.

One more thing: There's a free event at The Rivoli tonight (Wednesday, Oct 9th 2005):


Film, dialogues and art about secret knowledge, Freemasonry, espionage and urban exploration. Screening of Echoes of Forgotten Places

Host: Terence Dick. Free! 8pm

The screening is of the DVD that Rob produced, which contains a number of my photographs. So chalk this one up to sideways-self-promotion. If you're in the area (Queen & Spadina, Toronto), feel free to drop by!