Duck From Below

No really, it's a duck. This is the failed attempt at taking photos underwater using a ziplock baggy to house the camera. As everything I do is a serious endeavour, I'll outline the core problems I recognized.

  1. The plastic isn't entirely clear, so everything gets fogged out.
  2. Auto-focus doesn't work so well underwater.
  3. Light metering doesn't work so well underwater.

And that concludes the lesson. Hope you learned something important. And no, the point of the lesson was not to buy an underwater disposable camera.

Luckily, problem 4 (bag leaks and camera dies) didn't happen so it wasn't a complete loss. The photos though? Yeah, pure crap. Still, it was fun trying.

Update: Yes, indeed, I did put the Canon Digital Rebel in a ziplock baggie and fully submerge it in the lake — for about half an hour. And of course I *did* test it out first with something less valuable... Hey, sometimes there's only one way to find out.