Chained Canoes

Taken out in Port Perry this past weekend..

I find myself with a dilemma regarding this site. The 'daily photo' thing just doesn't have the same degree of importance it used to have. I mean really, it's so unfocused — just another random shot, day in and day out. Doesn't it seem rather pointless?

I remain committed to photographing the abandoned and industrial locations and in compiling those galleries — I haven't lost the joy in doing that by any means. But I just find myself considering the daily photoblog as a chore which needs to be maintained. Who knows? Maybe it's just one of those bimonthly photoblog funks. Or, maybe I just need to go find myself another abandoned location to get the interest piqued again.

Anyways, enjoy today's photo — yet another random thing with no relation to yesterday's random thing, which had no relation to the previous day's random thing... ad nauseum.