Steak Knife Macro

Yes we're back to macro-land.

Given Mike's comment the other day, I was curious and did a little looking at the comments stats. And so, here we go…

Prevalence of ‘Wow’ in comments
Duration# comments# with ‘wow’% with ‘wow’
All to date3,1011404.5%
Past 30 days371359.4%

Wow! The ‘wow’ quotient has significantly increased recently. Is this good? Is this bad?

While I appreciate everybody's comments (I really do!), what helps me is when people point out what attracts them to a particular image or what they dislike about it. Such comments help me try to become a better photographer. Critical feedback is hard to come by and I look to the comments as a great potential source for such feedback.

Anyways, this ramble has gone on long enough. Suffice it to say that my feelings won't be hurt if you feel obliged to tell me why a particular image doesn't work for you — I'm all for critical feedback, really!