Discarded Cars

And the story for today goes like this... At the end of our street is a car repair shop which has a little 'junkyard' behind it. I've walked past it every day for the past few months and noticed a bunch of interesting little things. As in, broken objects, rusting car bodies and other junk — interesting to me. :)

The light was actually nice when I returned from work and the gate was open so I asked them if they'd mind if I took a few photos. I received the typical awkward glance (“you want to take photos of that junk? uh.. sure.. go ahead”) and proceeded inside.

I almost got locked inside. I was behind one of the cars taking a photo when the gates started to close. I luckily made it to the gate (just as it got locked) to make my presence known to the guy locking up so he was able to let me out. Not that the fence would have stopped me, but I don't know if it's a great idea to be seen hopping fences into private property in your own neighbourhood…