Christmas Gifts

Two gifts for me this Christmas:

  1. Realization that our basement floor was going to need significantly more work than expected, and
  2. My wonderful web hosting provider once again kills this site for some unknown reason.

Yeah, the site has been offline (and online) irregularly since December 24th and the only reason I've received is: "Please note that your website is frequently down as you are one of the power user which is frequently causing server problem." Needless to say, I'm a little annoyed and have yet to hear back from my oh so pleasant response to their email.

As for our floor... once I took up the carpet I found out that the floor had been patched once before but the concrete hadn't adhered to the slab. So, up it had to come. With a screwdriver acting as a chisel, we were able to take up about 10 square feet of 1" thick concrete. The basement is looking a little rough right now... more to come in the days ahead.