Chain Link and Sand

Not exactly a seasonal image, nor an end-of-year retrospective. I was out in Hamilton with Mat and Jay yesterday looking for two abandoned locations. In the end we were able to access neither, but we did come across a number of other things.

Happy new year! I'm updating this late (as usual these days), so happy new year to everyone and thanks to every single one of you who visits the site!

Site news: I've been fighting a bit of a spam war over the last week. Someone has been spamming the comment system of this site to the tune of 30-40 times a day recently and it's getting a little ridiculous. You may find that your comments don't get posted immediately and they will wait until I manually accept them. Such is life in the world of spam. I'm also trying to respond to everyone's comments, but it's taking some time. I'll get there eventually!