Kayaking at Sunrise

One of the things I like about the cottage is getting up really early, grabbing my camera and wandering around near sunrise. Usually I'm alone in these adventures (because everyone else is sleeping, and feels I'm crazy for being up at those hours). This day, not only did I manage to get up at 5:45am, I managed to drag Jenn with me, and we went kayaking out on the bay.

It was well worth it. There was an incredible mist over the surface of the water and when the sun came up, the golden reflections looked amazing.

The top photo shows some equipment being used to construct a boat house, and the lower photo is Jenn kayaking towards me with the sun behind. Sometimes getting up at 5:45am isn't entirely a sign of insanity…

Update Jul 21 2004: Submitted for the Friday Jul 16 2004 PhotoFriday challenge, 'Ocean'. Yeah, it's not an ocean — it's a lake. Either way, it's a large body of water and is the closest I'll be getting to an ocean for many, many months.