Broken Fence Silhouette

I'm a sucker for chain-link fences, especially these 'silhouette by sunset' shots. I don't know why but I really enjoy this shot. It's fairly simple and there isn't a lot of variety in the image — effectively it's a one-liner. There's nothing else to see on later viewings and yet I still find this pleasing.

Now that I've finished describing why I *shouldn't* like it... In this particular case, the fence was completely torn up and there was no continuity of a barrier (as you can partially see by looking at the regularity of the posts). This fence was supposed to be keeping people out of the environmental site cleanup they are doing near Skydome on the former Railway Lands. So, it was even more ironic that what really needed to be an effective barrier (as opposed to a simple 'Keep Out' obstacle) was even less so.

Anyways, there's my justification for the fence. Take it or leave it...