$8 Parking Booth

I haven't quite figured out what it is that I like about this image. What caught my eye originally was the fluorescent green sign (which I suppose is what it was supposed to do). If nothing else, this is one of the clearest and most upfront pieces of advertising for parking in the city. Typically it's '$2.50' in a large 300 point font, and then 'every 15 minutes' in an 8 point font below.

Anyways, this booth is in the parking lot at Front and Portland.

Technical notes: Well, this is the first image where I've done more than just the usual colours/levels adjustments. In fact, the CN tower was in this image (on the top right) and it got removed (I was trying to find an angle to remove it while taking the shot but couldn't do it). Additionally I've done some significant levels adjustments here to get the contrast between background (sky) and foreground to feel right. If anyone is interested in seeing a before and after, feel free to drop a comment..