One tree stump in the ice in Tommy Thompson park

Cosmik Debris

This is the southern edge of the Leslie Street Spit in Toronto where it meets Lake Ontario. It's another name for Tommy Thompson park (part of which was seen in yesterday's photo).

The land area is man-made, and filling of the spit began in 1959. It continues today. Excess debris from construction sites is dumped to provide more land area and to replenish land lost due to erosion. The large concrete rubble seen in the photograph here helps slow that process down by breaking the waves from the lake.

You don't really encounter the raw debris like this until you approach the end of the 5 km long trail. Given that the context prior to this is a fairly wild natural landscape, densely populated with birds and other wildlife, it's an odd but satisfying resolution to the journey.

And yes, the title is a reference to this Frank Zappa song.