Sedona & Flagstaff, Arizona

Another day with many, many destinations… So, from the top:

Jenn is sitting on a bench at the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona, Arizona. The church is quite interesting and is situated on the cliff side of a mountain. It's absolutely bizarre how colourful the landscape is.

Next (photo #2), we drove up near Flagstaff to the Sunset Crater Volcano National Park. The volcano erupted some time ago (I can't remember how long ago — it may have been hundreds of years ago) and the land is effectively dried lava and ash, yet there are many plants and trees growing out of it. I found it quite strange seeing a set of black hills with a full, normal green tree growing quite happily.

The third photo was taken while we were exiting the Sunset Crater park. We had a bit of a drive ahead of us, and as we exited, the landscape became completely flat. For as far as we could see it was just flat land and a straight road. That shadow in the bottom right is me balancing on the tire of our rental car trying to get as high a perspective as possible on this flat landscape.

And finally, we stopped by the Wukoki Ruins — a native American ruin — perhaps a few hundred years old (maybe older, again — I can't remember). Jenn took a photo of me standing on one of the walls. This was just before we read a notice saying that standing on the walls was a minimum $100 fine. Yikes. Luckily nobody saw that mistake…