Canada Malting Company Silos

The Canada Malting Company building is an abandoned industrial facility at the base of Bathurst street. I've wanted to look inside this building and site for a long time now so I decided to take a closer look at lunch yesterday. Unfortunately, it's fenced off with numerous 'no entry' signs, barbed-wire and other such impediments. So it seems that the closest I will get is to stand outside the fence and take photos of the exterior.

I've recently taken an interest in old abandoned sites and have found that finding them seems to be remarkably difficult (gaining access is an even more difficult issue). I find these modern urban ruins fascinating. We're used to ruins from hundreds and thousands of years past, and yet these structures are barely one hundred years old — in many cases far less than that.

Toronto Doors Open is this coming weekend and I hope to see some interesting buildings. Although none will compare to the Canada Malting Company site, they will probably be free of the asbestos and falling concrete hazards which are so proudly proclaimed on the fences outside.